Have you ever visited a salmon farm? We offer you a unique and completely experience

Among the unique atmospheres of crystalline waters surrounded by the majesty of the fjords that frame, our boat tours will take you from the factories right on the farms at sea. Here, our qualified operators will show you the methods of aquaculture and eco-sustainable farming with which we grow our salmon in their natural habitat, the sea, precious treasure to preserve.
– Specialized staff will tell you about the salmon in every phase of growth in the tank.
– You’ll be the one to feed our salmon!

Book now a unique experience, an unforgettable tour for you, your friends and your family! Boat tours are organized all year round from Monday to Friday for a minimum of 12 people.
Four Boat Tour per day with times indicated by the center, checking the weather conditions on site.
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We are waiting for you!


The sea and the salmon are our friends, respect them!
Follow these regulations for our boat tours, a few rules of behavior and your experience will be even more enjoyable!

Sail safely, wear the life jacket and use the equipment provided by the operators


The boat tour is not planned for children ages 0-6


Pets are not permitted


Please mute your cell phone and avoid calls while visiting the salmon farm


Smoking is prohibited

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted


Do not throw any rubbish or waste into the boat and the sea


Please don’t disturb the fish


Feed the fish only with food provided by the operators

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Fill the form below for groups, school trips and individual visits


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    Mortsundveien 379, 8370 Leknes