• Welcome to Lofoten Seafood Center

    Welcome to Lofoten Seafood Center! Lofoten Seafood Center is an interactive and full experience journey where you can understand our idea of eco-friendly aquaculture. Our environment, our sea and land represent a great treasure in Lofoten Islands culture. We have pleasure to share with [...]

  • Salmon, the Norwegian Way

    Discover the superfood at Lofoten Seafood Center. Discover the Lofoten Seafood model of sustainability that makes our salmon aquaculture and production recognized worldwide. WINTER SEASON September / April SUMMER SEASON MAY / AUGUST Monday-Friday / 10:00am–06:00pm Download the leaflet Contact us for booking e [...]

  • Work in progress

    Work in progress at Lofoten Seafood Center by MARC&STELLA ANS https://www.facebook.com/718596328284505/videos/1268316583312474/

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